The Kiwiland Singles Chart is the official single chart in Kiwiland. Radio Kiwiland officially airs the show every Thursday evening from 5PM to 8PM. Previously it was on Sundays at 7PM until 10PM.

Radio KiwilandEdit

Radio Kiwiland has the rights to air the Top 40, which Ben Kingston presents, but sometimes there may be special events going on on the station, 96.7 Fizz FM has the rights to alternatively air the show.

TMG Music ChannelEdit

TMG airs the chart as the Top 40 or the Top 20. On certain days it plays different types of the Kiwiland Chart. In the Top 40, between 20-21, and in the Top 20, 10-11, the VJ will announce the Top 10 Albums of that week.


Day Time Chart
Monday 1200-1345 The Official Top 20 RnB Chart
Tuesday 1400-1545 The Official UK Top 20
Wednesday 1400-1445 The Official US Top 10
Thursday 1400-1645 The Best New Music Top 20!
Friday 1230-1545 The Official Top 40 Singles Chart
Saturday 1200-1350 The Official Top 20 Dance Chart
Sunday 1400-1545 The Official Top 20 Singles Chart


Since 1999, the show has been hosted by many people. Before 1999, the DJ in the studio would just play the music without introducing to the song.

Year Presenter Chart Hours Time

1999 - 2003

Eliot Brown Top 10 1 hour 6PM - 7PM

2003 - 2007

Sam McFarlane Top 20 2 hours 5PM - 7PM

2007 - 2011

Rich Williams Top 50 4 hours 6PM - 10PM


Matt McMay Top 40 3 hours 7PM - 10PM
2011 -present Ben Kingston 5PM - 8PM