"Shake It Booty"


Ben Kingston and The Kiwis


2 July 2011 (Kiwiland)
12 July 2011 (Worldwide)


2011 - Temple Recording Studios


4:21 (Album Version)
3:53 (Radio Edit)
3:29 (Without The Kiwis)


RedOne, Kiewii Thomson, Kate Alexander, Ben Kingston

"Shake It Booty" is a song by Ben Kingston featuring The Kiwis, taken from Ben Kingston's second studio album Cockmaster, which is also featured on The Kiwis' album 'Kiwitastic'. This is the second time The Kiwis have worked with Ben Kingston in 2011.

The song is the most successful Ben Kingston single to date. It has had 18x platinum in Kiwiland, and Gold in Australia. It made it to Number 1 in Kiwiland, 1 in the Aleutians, 8 in Australia and 16 in New Zealand. It sold 419,000 copies in Kiwiland and 384,000 copies worldwide.

Chart PerformanceEdit

Country/Area Chart Number Consecutive Weeks In Chart
Kiwiland 1 4
Aleutians 1 2
Australia 5 3
New Zealand 12 3