The Mid-2011 Depression is a depression that begin on August 13 2011. The previous day, the Kiwi City Stock Exchange had set a record high of 13,050 points. King Kiewii IV said he 'noticed something dodgey'. By 1539 KST on Aug 13, the KCSE had fallen 4,870 points from 9,008 points. A loss of 3.62%. King Kiewii IV said this in a statement "Since we did not get our punishment when the other countries got it last week, we will get it this week. And it will not be good."

August 12, 2011Edit

The KCSE reached an all time high of 13,050 points. President Kingston announced that after this record high, will be a time of record lows. Unemployment rates decreased from 1.8% to 1.5%.

Stock ExchangeEdit

Points Percent
Open 11,381 0%
Close 12,679 1.64%

August 13, 2011Edit

The KCSE opened at 9,203 points. The stock rised higher to a high of 11,100 at 1022 KST. After the midday close, at 1300, the exchange had fallen 2,300 points but quickly regained to 10,000 points. At 1504 KST, the stocks began to fall.