21.55 mi


2005 -present



South End


North End

Kiwi City

The M1 is a motorway running for 21.5 miles from North to South. It begins in Central Kiwi City and ends in Easthampton. It has a long running T-Road from South to North from the Southern Tip of the country to the Northern Tip of the country. The M1T road lasts for 74 miles. It is 2nd place behind the M6 with 147 miles.

M1 ExtensionEdit

The Department of Travel (DoT) have made plans for a M1 Extension which will run from North Park to Junction 23 (J23).

Hollybood TunnelEdit

The Hollybood Tunnel runs from Junction 21 (K48) to Junction 25 (K23). It has 311 lights and runs for 1.4 miles. It is the 3rd longest tunnel in Kiwiland.

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