This is a list of bus routes operated by CityBus.


Route number Start End Frequency Garage
1 City Centre Kiwi City Shopping Mall 20 minutes Kiwi City Central
2 City Centre Royal Explorer Hospital 7-8 minutes Kiwi City Central
X3 City Centre South Gowanbank 60 minutes Eastend
4 Westend City Centre 10 minutes Westend
5 City Centre Southend 7-8 minutes Deermont
5A City Centre Cleaslip 30 minutes Deermont
6 City Centre Corlemno 15 minutes Kiwi City Central
7 City Centre Davewhistle 15 minutes Kiwi City Central
8 City Centre Intern 10 minutes Intern
9 Westend Leachecroft 8 minutes Westend

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