The August 2011 city nomination is a nomination procedure given by the King and President of Kiwiland to name a new city. All current cities have a beach within 1 mile of the city, which all nominees have too. The nominees are Beach Town, the only nominee to have an airport, Jakata, facing east towards the Jakata Sea, South Park, 1 of 2 places facing south and also has a beach, Karnousty, on the south west coast also with beach and ferry terminal. Before the voting began, President Kingston selected Jakata instead of Easthampton to be in the nominees.


The voting is the same from the previous city nominations. A Polling Station is placed in every town and city (there are 7 in Kiwi City, 3 in Andromeda City and 2 in Mercedes City). Each person, over 16, will tick the town they want to be a city and then post it in the box. Voting opened on 5 July 2011, and closed 4 August 2011. The new city was announced as Beach City on 10 August 2011.