Greater Kiwi City is a district of Kiwi City. It is the most populous district of Kiwi City with a population of 67,841. The Kingston Tower is the highest skyscraper in Kiwi City and Kiwiland.

The Kiwi City International Airport is the closest airport, which is in the district itself. Its sister airport is Southend Airport in Southend.


Greater Kiwi City is located in North Central Kiwi City between City East and West End. Its northern end is the City Bay and the southern end is the Cammatus Mountains. It is densely populated with 2,488 people every 1km.


The climate of Greater Kiwi City is oceanic, just like the rest of Kiwi City. It has the Urban Heat Island effect just like 4 other City Districts. The highest temperature recorded is 82F/28C. The lowest temperature is 12F/-11C.

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