The Beach City floods of 2011 are the aftermath of heavy rain and the Crowford River overflowing. The floods occurred from January 3-17, March 27-April 4 and floods from August 22.

January FloodingEdit

Weather eventsEdit

On January 1, a large low pressure system passed over the town of Crowford with 12" of snow being recorded. On January 3, temperatures rose to 6C melting the snow and then all flowing into the Crowford River and then flowing southwards into Beach City (known as Beach Town at the time). On January 11, more rain followed with 3" of rain. On January 17, most of the water had been washed away into the Titty Strait.


On 14 January, the Kiwiland Meteorological Agency (KMA) said the death toll was 6. By the end of the flooding, the death toll rose to 11.


After the evacuation of 23,000 people in the Beach City area, most of them returned to their homes on February 3, 1 month after the flooding began.

March-April FloodingEdit

Weather eventsEdit

On March 12, 2 weeks before the flooding, KMA issued a severe flood warning to Beach City. A 962mb low pressure made landfall once again near Crowford. Rain had fallen on Crowford Cliff and then rushed down the cliff to Beach City.


A new movie called 'Now That's What I Call Flooding' was meant to be filmed in Beach City on March 28 but was cancelled as the flooding movie coincided with the Beach City flooding.


Although it was a short flood, the damage cost $11.3m.

Mid-2011 FloodsEdit


From August 21, heavy rain pelted the west coast. 12" was recorded at the Crowford Cliff weather station.