Aleutian Low Katrina


October 2, 2011


Still Active


Category 3

Highest winds

1 minute sustained
95mph (Beringovskiy, Russia)

Lowest pressure

968mb (28.57in)





Part of the

2011 Aleutian Low Season

Aleutian Low Katrina is an active Aleutian Low from the 2011 Aleutian Low Season. The system formed over Russia late October 2 (Russian Time)

Meteorological HistoryEdit

A deep low pressure formed over Siberia on September 29, 2011. Its pressure was 974mb and caused 1 death from very strong winds. It continued east and moved out into the Bering Strait on September 30 and then moved into the Aleutian Low Basin on October 2 and immediately became a Category 2 low. In just 1 hour, it became a Category 3 and became the strongest storm of the season surpassing Chris in 2011.

Impact, classification and recordsEdit

Katrina is predicted to make landfall as a strong Category 3 or a weak Category 4. 15,000 people have been evacuated from the Bering Strait shores. People returned back to their homes as Katrina began to weaken and moved away into the central Bering Sea.

Many people have complained about the name of Katrina due to it being used as the catastrophic hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, many meteorologists said that the name 'Katrina' will be probably be retired for its strength.

Katrina broke Chris' record from earlier in the season for the lowest pressure and the strongest storm with a central pressure of 968mb.