An Aleutian Low is a semi-permanent low that is located near the Aleutian Islands. The Kiwish Weather Service tracks these lows, they have done so since September 2011. KWS also provide names for these storms, like what many other weather organizations do for tropical cyclones. Aleutian Lows can form between 180W and 140W, 45N and 65N. KWS tracks them between 180W and 135W, 40N and 75N. To become named the storms need to have a central pressure of 995mb or lowe]r, no matter the wind.

Aleutian Low ScaleEdit

Category From To
Subtropical Depression <996mb
Weak Aleutian Low 995mb 985mb
Strong Aleutian Low 984mb 971mb
Major Aleutian Low >970mb


2011 2012


List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4 List 5
Aaron Arlene Abbie Arianne Archie
Ben Bell Bill Bethany Bert
Chris Christine Cadence Croy Cindy
David Dorothy Daniel Damien Darren
Edwin Ellie Eddie Elsa Edward
Fabio Felix Farung Florence Fred
Gareth Gaga Gabrielle Gary Gabby
Harry Helena Hamish Herbert Hayley
Ian Illie Imogen Irene Ida
Jim Jamie Jai James Jake
Kiwi Kim Kai Kerr Kayleigh
Liam Luke Leah Logan Lacy
Murray Merlin Mary Maisy Mikey
Nathan Nick Nate Nadia Niamh
Ollie Orlando Oakley Otter Oliver
Paddy Petal Pamela Perry Paige
Quinn Quincy Queenie Quiel Quenton
Ralph Rachel Rafael Rick Robin
Simon Sophie Sarah Sam Safia
Tate Tobias Tara Tashie Tanya
Ulric Ulrika Uriah Uleki Usagi
Vinny Valerie Valentina Vera Vicki
William Wesley Wendy Winnie Wayne
Xavier Xander Xather Xangsane Xina
Yasi Yasmin Yara Yates Yvette
Zane Zachery Zakaria Zadia Zac

Areas of ResponsibilityEdit


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